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I would like to express my satisfaction with my recent treatments at the O'Connor Moore Dental Practice. I got a number of fillings, a replacement false tooth and I had my teeth cleaned and whitened. I am particularly happy with the outcome of the whitening treatment!

Dr. Gavin Deasy took the time to advise and explain everything clearly to me and I never felt rushed. He really made me feel comfortable and welcome in his surgery. The dental nurse and receptionist were extremely friendly and helpful on al my visits there.

I have been attending this practice for over twenty years and would have no hesitation in recommending it to family and friends.

I would like to thank all the staff there for a very pleasant experience.

Yours sincerely,


My experience at O'Connor Moore dental practice was very positive. Much information regarding the options of tooth repair available and future tooth care. All the staff at the practice are very warm and welcoming - it was a nice touch to receive a courtesy call a couple of days after my treatment to ask if I was comfortable or had any problems.

My treatment by Dr. Patrick O'Connor was sensitive, quick and painless!

Yours sincerely,

David North

Over many years the clinic has provided me very professional and courteous service. I am very pleased with all the work they have done on my teeth.

I recently received treatment form Pat O Conner, I had extreme pain in my tooth, I assumed I would lose it or have to get a root canal. Luckily enough he advised me to have Emax/Cerec treatment as a better option. I was amazed by this latest technology and delighted with the results. The tooth was even better than before as the white filling had worn away.

I am very nervous around needles and dread dentist visits, however Dr. O'Connor, his clinical and reception team were so friendly welcoming and caring, even after my visit following up with phone calls to see how I was. They really helped to make the experience much easier.

I definitely think it is worth investment of time and money considering the outcome in the long run.

Kind regards


Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your letter. I have always been very pleased with any treatment I received from you and I would highly recommend you to anyone very highly.

Best Wishes,

Mary Matthews

Dear Patrick,

I want to thank you and your team for the wonderful care and attention i received during my treatment.

Before I went to you for treatment I was in a lot of pain on a regular basis. I had a lot of sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food which was extremely annoying especially when I was out for dinner or a special occasion.

I was very nervous and anxious about getting treatment but you and your staff made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease. You listened to me and respected my wishes. All the team were very friendly and professional.

Since having the treatment I am pain free. I feel so much better and have no fear about eating out or having any hot or cold food or drinks. It has been a great investment and I really appreciate that my financial circumstances were taken into account and that I was allowed to pay in instalments.

If I could give someone a piece of advice about going to Patrick and his team's dental practice it would be to relax, you're in good hands! Excellent staff, excellent care and excellent aftercare.

Margaret Gillespie, Sligo

Does anyone really enjoy going to the dentist? I didnt particularly enjoy going until I started visiting O'Connor Moore surgery a few years ago. Ive been looked after by both dentists Patrick and Tania and their hygenist, Anne. As opposed to other dentists visited, they greet you with a smile, are calm, professional and very thorough; which is very reassuring if you are nervous like i am (as a result of having too many fillings as a child!!). Before my filling this time, Patrick was able to show me the hole in my tooth on a tv screen cause he had a mini camera in my mouth. Very cool! It also reassured me that there was an actual hole in my tooth and that i needed the filling! He also went through what may happen down the line with my teeth so at least i know what to expect or prevent it from happening. All in all a very pleasant dental experience....and i never thought i'd hear myself say that after a filling!!!

Colm O'Flaherty, Sligo

Hello Patrick, I would like thank you for recent marvellous work done, and in such a caring and friendly atmosphere. I am delighted with results. Also, thanks to your efficient and friendly staff. It makes a change to be offered tea, coffee and reading matter while waiting. (Almost) looking forward to any future visits I may have. Again, many thanks.

Geraldine, Sligo

Dear Patrick and Elaine,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you both for last saturday. i know that you both must \"dread\" seeing my name in the appointment book as i have got to be the most anxious patient ever!! But, last saturday I was in a really nervous state and thanks to you both I made it through!! you were both brilliant, and Patrick, you kept your promise that \"it would be painless\". Elaine, you couldn\'t have been nicer and you really made me feel good about everything. So now I can honestly say, that even though I am still a nervous patient I am not afraid anymore.

Thank you,

Ellie Spellman, Ballintogher, Co. Sligo.


I just wanted to say thank you and tell how happy my family are with the service and treatment we received at your dental surgery, by both yourself, Tania and all your friendly and efficient staff.

In the past we have had dentists that have grunted their way through the "consultation" and we only found out what happened when we reached reception and got the bill (which hurt more than the drilling!) ....

Your easy and friendly manner made the "dreaded dental visit" a much easier and informative experience...I never at any point felt pressured to do a course of treatment but was instead professionally guided to make the right choice for me and my family's dental care.

Please pass on my thanks to all involved and keep up the good work - it really does make a difference!


The Harris Family

Tania has been our family dentist for some years now. She has treated our four children and we are not only thrilled with their smiles, but also the experience we have had with Dr. Machale and all the staff.

They treat our children like family. Tania takes the time to know each one of our kids and always puts them at their ease. We have sent quite a few of our friends to O'Connors and they are also full of praise for the wonderful treatment they receive.

Thank you,

The Lang Family

I used to dread going to the dentist. It was a time of anxiety, depression and fear because I had always had bad experiences in the past. In the end I stopped going entirely. My teeth got worse and I developed abscess after abscess. Finally I had no choice but to take the plunge and, in a state of agony and terror, I visited O'Connor's Dental Practice.

The staff did all they could to put me at my ease and Patrick was wonderful. He explained everything thoroughly and was so calm and professional that I actually began to relax. Within days I had an appointment made to get all my treatment done under sedation. Patrick did a fantastic job of restoring my smile, alleviating my pain and helping me find, for the first time, that visits to the dentist, whilst never fun, are not something to be feared or put off. Thank you, Patrick.

Sean Calry

Our eldest got into a fight at school and had one of his teeth badly chipped. Steve not only managed to rebuild the chipped tooth to the point where you wouldn't know which one it was, even if you looked closely, but he also talked to him at length about dental hygiene...not a subject you can normally talk to a 13 year old about.

He now brushes his teeth regularly so next time I take him for a check up I'll ask Steve to have a chat with him about cleaning his room.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Patrick and the team. I became a patient of Dr Patrick O’Connor when I returned home in 2001. I am an extremely nervous patient after several traumatic incidents with a dentist when I was a child. I had tried attending other dentists trying to find someone who would understand my fears and help me get through the necessary process of attending the dentist. A friend recommended Patrick because of his experience with nervous patients. I can only describe the care I receive from Patrick and his team as outstanding. He is excellent with nervous patients. He is extremely thoughtful and sensitive to patient needs, always listens carefully to anxieties and concerns. In addition, he explains procedures thoroughly. He takes time to know his patients and their needs.

Earlier this year while heavily pregnant, I attended Patrick with a filling which had cracked- he recommended Cerec. When my baby was six weeks old, I attended for the procedure. It took after two and a half hours; the results are excellent. I was so impressed with the advanced technology. I watched as my tooth was rebuilt; while Patrick patiently and generously answered all my questions about the technology and the procedure. The tooth itself is a perfect match with my other teeth. This is a lifetime job; my bite is much better than it was before and this tooth is here to stay. Thank you Patrick and Caroline- as always it was a joy!

Carol Gardiner, Sligo

Very kind and gentle - he puts me completely at ease - he is very caring. The ony dentist I would go to.

Niall McManus, Sligo

Unbelieveably gentle + caring and considerate, I would trust him completely.

Oona Doherty, Sligo

Just a quick note to thank you for the treatment carried out last week. It was totally painless from start to finish. It was the first time that I had received an injection without feeling any discomfort; I did not even feel the needle enter my gum.

I have had no discomfort post treatment and I am very happy with the outcome.

While the Emax crown may be expensive I feel it is money well spent based on the expected life of the crown.

Finally I would like to compliment you on the professionalism of the team at O'Connor Moore.

Tim Corcoran, Sligo

Never fear the dentist again!

I care for my 80+ parents' full time. For the last three years I let my dentist visits lapse and was not looking forwards to returning. A friend recommended Dr Patrick O'Connor and the team.

What a great choice from the friendly and unfailingly kind receptionists to Patrick and his assistant and the amazing hygienist Ann.

Firstly you are not rushed; imagine a waiting area where the magazines are upto date, you are offered tea/coffee and water from the cooler and even today's newspapers. I thought I was in a hotel.

The examination is conducted by Patrick with your choice of music in the background. The state of the art digital photographs show exactly what treatment is requried. Very reassuring for us suspicious types!

My wide was delighter she could have the option of the twighlight sedation where she remains conscious but feels nothing!

I had a new type of crown fitted which is done in one visit with a computer that cuts the crown to size, amazing.

Both of us now look forward to our visits and it has made a huge difference to our wellbeing.

No more excuses from anywhere now to visit Patrick and the team. Also great value for money!!

Ian Hunter, Roscommon

The Experience I had of the practice was first class. All staff were extremely courteous and did everything to put me at ease. The clinical team were superb and the special mention has to go to Dr O'Connor who was fantastic as usual. He provided me with lots of options from which I could choose. and outlined clearly their advantages and disadvantages. As I am an extremely nervous patient, he kindly carried out the treatment there and then so I wouldn't have to be thinking about it. It was all over before I knew it. He explained each step of the treatment as we were going through it and all over before I knew it. He explained each step of the treament as we were going through it and it was a pain free experience both during and after. I would recommend this practice to everyone

Dear Patrick

I am writing to thank you for the excellent treatment I recieved in your dental practice.

I had a cerec crown fitted to a molar all in one visit - whilst listening to my favourite music.

My treament was gentle and completly pain free and I am delighted with my crown which is indistinguishable from a natural tooth in both look and feel.

I would highly recommend your practice and a cerec crown to any one I know.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Marilin North

After two sleepless nights and an unbearbale pain in my tooth. I called O'Connor moore dental practice. The clinical team made me feel relaxed and at ease. The treatment took care of my problems and I must say it was a great investment of time & money.

If you are thinking of having treatment give steve moore a ring and he will take good care of you.

Yours sincerely

Anne Carty

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff in O'Connor Moore Dental Practice. Patrick O'Connor has been my dentist for more than ten years now and I attended his father, Jimmy O'Connor, before that. First Impressions can be lasting and I can only say that as soon as you walk into the reception area of the practice, The girls at reception are more than helpful and extremely friendly. My childhood memories of the school dentist are not at all pleasant but my experience with patrick O'Connor could not be more different. Patrick Immediatley puts me at ease with his pleasant smile, and gentle manner. I never feel rushed and am always given plenty of opportunity to discuss and question the treatments I am recieving. For many years, I merely got my teeth checked and cleaned as no further treatment was required. This in itself was always reassuring as i never had to wonder if treatment was really encessary. In the last two to three years, I have had a number of old fillings replaced. Most recently Patrick used the Cerec method to restore one of my teeth which had a crack and also some decay. I was delighted with the result and as usual, the experience was pain free. The practice uses the most advanced treatments and equipment. I was amazed watching how the computer could create part of a tooth to fit exactly onto the base of my own tooth. Anne, the dental hygienist, is also very friendly and takes great care not to hurt me when cleaning my teeth. My own son was quite nervous of the dentist so I decided to take him to O'Connor Moore Dental Practice instead of the school dentist. He now asks when it is his turn to go to the dentist. Overall, I haven't spent alot of money on my teeth and anything i have spent has been well worth it. After all, I want to have my own teeth for many years to come! I would highly recommend O'Connor Moor Dental Practice for the excellent care, friendliness of staff, variety of treatments available and for how dentists visits have become a pleasant experience for me and my son.

Dierdre McKeon

I was very counscious of the metallic fillings in my back teeth. These are removed and my back teeth now have fillings and cmax that blend in with the natural colour of my teeth. My mouth is also alot more comfortable and balanced.

Very happy with the service. I recieved. everyones very friendly and professional. There is a relaxed atmosphere.

Yes it was a good investment of my moeny and I was always promptly seen!. When I arrived.

You only get one mouth and it's best to look after it, I did alot of research before I choose O'Connor Morre's.

Jude Quigley

To all at the O'Connor Moore Dental Practice

Just to say thanks for the treatment I recieved with you recently. It was amazing. I now have two new teeth that are perfectly formed. Previously they were two broken teeth. The new teeth are perfect. I no longer have the irritation to my tongue of a broken tooth and they look great.

I found everyone at the practice very caring and professional. The girls at the reception had my med 2 form ready for me when I was leaving and had to call from the practice the next day to make sure everything was alright.

The procedure took about 2 hours and I think it was time and money well spent. I'm delighted with the results and would recommend the procedure to anyone who has a similar problem.


Mary McMunn