Dental Crowns at O Connor Moore Dentist in Sligo

A New Natural Looking Dental Crown

Crowns are used to restore the strength of a tooth after decay has occurred. A crown or cap replaces the damaged part of the tooth to make it whole again. This provides much needed protection to the tooth and aids in function.

At O'Connor Moore Dental Practice, the CEREC system we use can produce a new, natural looking crown on-site that can be fitted on the very day of your visit. Made from ceramic, the restoration looks, acts and feels like your own tooth and can provide long lasting protection and structure.

Ceramic is a great material to use in the creation of dental crowns, as it reacts to hot and cold much in the same way as a natural tooth, which prevents it from breaking. Ceramic crowns also look a great deal more attractive than gold or amalgam crowns and are tooth coloured to blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

For a consultation about crown restoration for broken or damaged teeth, please get in touch with the friendly team at the O'Connor Moore Dental Practice.

If there is absolutely anything you don't understand, please feel free to get in touch with our Dentist in Sligo and we will be able to help you.