Crowns & Onlays Restoration System

CEREC is the amazing restoration system that provides on-site crowns and onlays. In most dental practices you will have to pay two visits and receive two injections for crowns, veneers or onlay treatments.

At O'Connor Moore Dental Practice, however, you can be fitted for a permanent crown on the same day you visit the practice, meaning your schedule isn't disrupted for more time than is needed.


Custom-made Ceramic Tooth Restorations

Not only are you able to drastically cut treatment times with CEREC, you are also able to receive custom-made, ceramic tooth restorations which look and feel like real teeth. Before, the only materials available for procedures involving crowns and onlays were amalgam, gold and other noticeable metals. This isn't the case with the CEREC system, which produces dental restorations made of ceramic for natural looking and feeling teeth.

Aside from looking a great deal more attractive, ceramic also comes with added health benefits, such as a natural reaction to hot and cold sensations, which stops them from breaking. A ceramic restoration also means that less of the natural tooth is lost when the restoration is placed.

If there is absolutely anything you don't understand, please feel free to get in touch and we will be able to help you.