Fissure Seals

Preventing tooth decay

When the biting surface of the teeth are in danger of becoming decayed, a white plastic coating – called a fissure seal – is painted over them to protect them from cavities. When a large amount of sugar from various kinds of food and drinks collects on the biting surface of the teeth, it can easily lead to tooth decay. Often the bristles of toothbrushes are too large to really clean inside the grooves of our teeth and so we are unable to properly remove debris and plaque. Therefore sealing the fissure and the pits of our teeth is the best method to shield them against decay.

The process of fissure sealing is not at all painful, takes around 5 minutes and you simply need to keep your mouth open during the procedure to keep your teeth dry.

How is it done?

Firstly, the tooth that needs to be sealed is cleaned thoroughly. After this, cotton is placed on the tooth to keep it dry and a blue jelly is applied on the tooth with a tiny brush. The tooth is then washed again with water and a small sucker is used to remove the water and the jelly. The tooth is then dried with the help of an air jet. Finally, the fissure sealant is painted onto your tooth, immediately followed by the shining of a blue light to harden the seal.

A fissure seal from O'Connor Moore Dental Practice can last for 2- 5 years and can easily be replaced once it has worn off.

Please contact our Sligo Dentist if you would like more information about Fissure Seals and we will be happy to help you.