Infection Control

At O'Connor Moore Dental Practice, we take the wellbeing and safety of our patients very seriously. We are proud to practice the very highest standards, adhering to all national guidelines for infection control. To see the Irish Dental Council's Code of Practice Relating to Infection Control in Dentistry click here

Infection control prevents the spreading of infectious diseases from staff to patient, patient to staff and from one patient to another.

All our staff members are trained to the highest standard. We have invested in the latest equipment and insist on strict cross infection control protocol to protect our patients.

  • Autoclaves - Autoclaves are by far the most effective way of killing germs. All instruments such as mirrors, dental drills and metal hand instruments are fully sterilised after every patient.
  • Chemical Disinfection – All instruments that cannot be put into an autoclave e.g. plastic, as well as the dental chair and all work surfaces are fully disinfected between each patient using powerful chemicals which are designed to kill bacteria and viruses.
  • Gloves - A new set of disposable gloves are worn for every patient.
  • Protective Facemasks and Glasses – Protective glasses are worn by the dentist, nurse and patient at all times during procedures. All members of the clinical team wear facemasks which are very effective in preventing the spread of bacteria.
  • Disposable bibs worn by patients
  • Designated decontamination areas – All clinical staff are trained in the correct handling and disposal of needles and sharps.
  • Strict hand washing protocols in place
  • Wherever possible disposable one time use only items are used
  • All healthcare waste is managed in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Health.