Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that treats a dead or dying tooth so that it doesn't need to be extracted. If prompt dental action is not taken with a decayed tooth then abscesses will start forming in the affected tooth, causing severe pain, swelling and infected gums and jaws. The only other option to treat this condition apart from root canal treatment is to remove the tooth.

How does it work?

During the root canal procedure the dead nerve, pulp and blood is removed from the tooth by making a small opening with the use of a drill. The tooth is then cleaned and sterilised and finally the canal is sealed with a sealant material or more usually a crown. Even though there are many who would simply get rid of the ailing tooth, dentists recommend that you retain as many natural teeth as possible.

Does it hurt?

Root canal treatment had a reputation for being very painful in the past. However, due to the advancements of technology and anaesthetics today, O'Connor Moore Dental Practice is able to complete this procedure with no discomfort for the patient.

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