Tooth Extraction

Broken Teeth, Decayed Teeth & Damaged Teeth

The process of removing the tooth from the bone socket is called tooth extraction. When the tooth is broken, decayed or damaged by accident, the dentist will try various options to fix and restore the tooth, such as crowning or filling the tooth. However, in some cases due to the extent of the damage, these methods are not effective, which leaves extraction as the only option. This is the last resort for dentists at O'Connor Moore Dental Practice and we will do all we can to save your natural tooth.

There are two major kinds of extractions; one is the simple extraction and the other is the surgical extraction.

Simple tooth extraction

Simple extractions are used when the tooth is easily visible in the mouth. During this procedure the patient is given local anaesthetic and the dentist uses a pair of forceps to firmly hold the tooth that has been damaged. The tooth is then moved forward and backward until it becomes loose and is then gently removed.

Surgical tooth extraction

When the damaged tooth is not easily visible, surgical extraction may be needed. If the tooth is partially broken or has partially erupted, then this procedure will be used. the surgeon removes part of the gum in order to access the part of the tooth to be removed and opens them to extract the part of tooth remaining inside.

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