White Fillings

Amalgam fillings have come under much scrutiny of late, with accusations of leakage and toxicity. Not only this, metal fillings are also extremely unattractive and are now being outshone by their tooth coloured rivals. Today's white fillings are just as durable as traditional fillings, can provide protection against bacteria and sit in your mouth unnoticed. The composite material using in white fillings is strong, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

What can composite fillings be used for?

Composite fillings can be used to fill oral cavities, mend chipped, cracked teeth and provide all round protection against tooth decay. Leaving a hole in a tooth unfilled can lead to numerous future complications such as tooth rot, gum disease and tooth loss. That is why it is imperative that you fill any tooth holes. Composite fillings provide a much more natural looking option.

Replacing old metal fillings

If you have an old amalgam filling and wish to have it replaced with a tooth coloured composite filling, book a consultation with one of O'Connor Moore Dental Practice's dentists to see what options are available for you.

If there is absolutely anything you don't understand, please call our dentists in Sligo and we will be able to help you.